Innovative Ways to Keep Birds Safe!

  • Put a short fence around feeders. The cats will have to leap over the fence and that will give birds a chance to escape.
  • Use metal or PVC poles (instead of wooden poles) to attach feeders. Cats cannot climb slick surfaces.
  • Use a spill tray to catch falling seeds. This keeps birds from feeding on the ground.
  • Use a motion activated sprinkler. This works for squirrels and raccoons too!
  • Hang feeders on sturdy wire strung between two trees at least 8 feet apart.
  • Locate feeders away from ground cover, including shrubs, to minimize cats from ambushing birds.
  • Put bird feeders on upper floor or high windows so that cats cannot reach it. Place on board with shelf brackets.
  • Place feeders on vertical cover such as trees so birds can leap out of harm's way when cats attempt to catch them.
  • Put animal guards around trees in your yard where birds may be nesting.
  • Use bird platforms and locate where cats cannot easily jump onto it. When birds feed in numbers, there are more eyes to see the cats.
  • Make feeders less cat friendly by using an anti-climb cone on poles supporting the bird feeders.