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The Boston Butt Sale is Back!
~ Saturday, March 31st ~
In front of Whitmarsh Island's
Walmart on Hwy 80
11am till 2pm
Fully Cooked
Butts will only be $25 !

Celebrate this Holiday
With family and Friends Eating a Delicious
Red & White's
Mouth Watering Boston Butt!!

(To reserve yours, a ticket may be purchased in advance!)
Please call (912) 777 3289
for purchasing information.

And if you're unable to purchase a butt at this time,
please remember our island's ferals with a donation!

All funds go to the wellcare of the Island's feral cat population.
Thanks for Your Continued Support!!
Boston butts are fully cooked
and proudly sponsored by
Red & White
Butt Sale!!!!

Islands Feral Cat Project is humbly requesting additional support from our loyal patriots.

Islands Feral Cat Project
Savannah, Ga.

Each female cat spayed eliminates future generations of unwanted kittens. in five years (or ten generations), one single female cat bearing just two surviving female kittens would produce 59,000 cats!

As all of you know, we have been a nonprofit organization since 2005. To date, we have spayed / neutered Nearly 4,400 cats! There are still so many feral and abandoned cats that need to be altered. Islands Feral Cat Project currently has 16 volunteers that work daily to feed and care for feral cat colonies. We are a small organization fueled by a growing need with a passion for animal welfare.
We’ve applied for numerous grants this year, but denials (due to the stumbling economy) are crippling our funds. Grants received were a mere fraction compared to past years. We will continue to have fundraising events to fund our program, but we really need the help of our friends and patriots in order to maintain our current ongoing operations.
Remember that all donations are tax deductible, and that any act of kindness (no matter how small) is ever wasted. Please contribute whatever you can and Thank You for your Time and Support!