April is National Volunteer Month, so to celebrate HandsOn Savannah (a service unit of the United Way of the Coastal Empire), celebrates with a tribute to some of the most influential volunteers in the Coastal Empire.
“Volunteering is the foundation of the United Way,” said Gregg Schroeder, United Way president and CEO. “We couldn’t do the work we do without our volunteers. Even our board of directors is comprised of volunteers. ... Everyone involved is doing it from their heart to make this community great!”
Melonie 34th     Apr 24 2013, 34th Annual - Melonie Kinert ~ "unbelievable"
Melonie Kinert is the embodiment of compassion to the most downtrodden of creatures - feral cats. Since 2005 she has been the force behind Islands Feral Cat Project that has helped spay, neuter, and vaccinate thousands of abandoned cats in the Savannah area. Over the years, Melonie has personally cared for hundreds orf sick and injured cats, built stations for feeding and sheltering, held fundraisers, and spent countless hours working with policymakers and educating the public about the plight of these abandoned and often misunderstood animals.
2013 Animal Advocacy Award winner Melonie Kinert from the Islands Feral Cat Project.

Melonie Kinert
Marie 35th     Apr 23 2014, 35th Annual - Marie Rodriguez ~ "steadfast"
Have you seen a feral cat or colony of cats and wondered how it got there? Marie Rodriguez welcomes the opportunity to educate people who do not understand the plight of unwanted cats and has been quite successful bringing others around to a more compassionate understanding of their situation. She has been steadfast in her support of the Islands Feral Cat Project - whether fund raising or procurring and delivering thousands of pounds of cat and dog food to lower income and elderly pet owners who lack financial means to care for their pets. Marie works closely with all animal rescue groups, including serving on the board for the Friends of Oatland Island.
2013 Animal Advocacy Award winner Marie Rodriguez from the Islands Feral Cat Project.

Marie Rodriguez
Jane 37th     Apr 26 2017, 38th Annual - Jane Mace ~ "Devotion"
Jane Mace is commited to Islands Feral Cat Project and what it stands for. She also goes above and beyond expectations to save some of the most vulnerable populations, making sure that even the most feral cats are well and fed. The 38th Annual Volunteer Awards celebrates the giving spirit of volunteers who make a difference in the lives of others.
2013 Animal Advocacy Award winner Jane Mace from the Islands Feral Cat Project.

Jane Mace

~ Other Awards associated with Islands Feral Cat Project ~

Outstanding Volunteer
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Outstanding Senior